D.A.L. Consult is an independent legal company successfully operating on Russian and CIS market of financial services since 2005. We provide qualified legal solutions to complex problems in sphere of international tax planning to various businesses.Our personel consists of professional lawyers specializing in areas of international law and tax law. We speak several European languages as well as Chinese and Arabic.

Our partners in offshore zones and low-tax zones are large prominent legal offices, professional incorporators with respectable name that gave a perfect account of themselves and show successful operation for decades of years in sphere of international tax planning. Our services are oriented on physical persons and legal entities engaged in business activity in various countries aiming legally to reduce taxes and to save their finances.

Addressing us your inquiries you receive a qualified legal advice on acquiring and registration of companies, constructing zero and low tax schemes and find possibilities of saving your finances. If you are already familiar with this sphere and do not need consultation of our specialists you can make an on-line order of company with own proposed name (which will be checked in a particular jurisdiction for its availability for free) via our web-site or acquire one of our ready-made companies from our updated shelf-list.

We also assist in obtaining additional documents for companies and renewal and full maintenance of already existing companies. Furthermore, we are successfully practicing re-registration, liquidation of the companies and restoration of companies already cancelled from the registers. We also render such services as translation, notarization and apostillation of corporate documents in different countries per your request.

Our company offers highly professional services at average market prices and maintains convenient work-schedule. We place basic importance on the standard of our services and for this purpose we seize every opportunity to improve our professional qualifications and follow all the on-going developments and changes in international legislation.

We build our success on a thorough understanding of each client’s business and commercial objective. Our consultants are ready to answer your inquiries and reply within 24 hours. Addressing us you can be sure in getting free qualified legal advice!

Good luck in business!

Truly yours,
D.A.L. Consult