• Location: in the Indian Ocean, to the North of Madagascar
    Time: in the Indian Ocean, to the North of Madagascar
    Area: 6 000 sq. km.
    Population: 72 000
    Capital: Mahe
    Language: English

Currency: SH Dollar, 1 SH $ = 1USD
Тype of company: International Business Company (IBC)
Мinimum authourised share capital: not fixed, standard USD 100,000
Taxation: IBC pays annual license fee
Annual return and accounts: not required
Annual audit: not required
Owners: can be both individuals and corporate bodies
Nominee services: available
Need to travel: no
Time to supply documents: 2-3 weeks
Additional information: Hague Convention 1961 applies

Standart set of corporate documents includes:
— Apostilled set
— Notarial Certification
— Original of Certificate of Incorporation
— Original of Resolution of the subscriber / Appointment of first directors
— Original of Memorandum and Articles of Association
— Original of Tax Certificate (if needed)
— 5 share certificates, copy of corporate documents
— seal

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